Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Fun

Many thanks to everyone for your support of my conspiracy theory. We (the neighbor and I) have not done anything yet because we've both been working like dogs this week. I will have to reconsult.

We are off for a short vacation to wild, wonderful Ohio. Yes, the vacation destination of champions. Actually, there are some pretty cool places in that state, but we will be spending the next few days inside the convention center with a bunch of smelly gamers at Origins. Lucky for us, they keep the A/C cranked up to maximum. That doesn't necessarily help when the people you encounter have been sleeping in the back of their van for a few days, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

In the meantime, I leave you with some photos of our summer fun so far.
First, after the adventures in nature with two robins nests in our yard, we decided to take Gabe to the aviary. He made friends with a blue crowned pigeon that proceeded to follow him around the room. He really loved seeing every bird in the place. And now when we ask him what a parrot says, he responds with, "hello," in bird voice. Too cute.

Then, we took a day at the local amusement park. I love the place because it is a turn of the last century historic park that used to be a trolley park (picnic area at the end of the trolley lines). I have a few action shots that I will share once I have had a chance to photoshop out the random folk. In the meantime, here's one that made me laugh. Gabe saw the statue, yelled "doggie lick!" and then proceeded to walk over and lick the dog's tongue. I got there as fast as I could to break off the lurid encounter. I mean, really, who wants their kid to french kiss Odie?

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's too funny! Gabe needing to lick Odie's tongue -- ha!

Our little man definitely needs a sibling as he's starting to mimic some of our dog's behaviour -- like licking things off of the floor (ick!).

Enjoy Ohio and let us know all about it when you're home, 'kay?