Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby Update- 31w4d

I went to my checkup this morning and everything looked good. For some reason, they did not write down the fundal measurement, so I have no idea whether I am still measuring ahead. But the heartrate is good, blood pressure is great (110/ normal is about 100/60), and I only gained five pounds this month. Of course, that means I am only two pounds shy of my prepregnancy weight with Gabe, a number that I decided I would not surpass. Hmmmm- only gain two pounds in the next eight (or less) weeks? Not likely. So, I guess I will be busting past a number I never thought I’d see again. But it’s for a great cause! (For those wondering, I’ve gained 30 pounds so far. With Gabe I only gained 27, but I was also 32 pounds heavier at baseline, which makes a huge difference.)

The c-section is tentatively scheduled for September 13 (I can’t be on the official books until six weeks or less before the procedure). The doctor jokingly said, “Don’t worry, it’s not a Friday.” I responded by telling him that I have no problem with the number 13, and, in fact, I prefer odd numbers to even ones. He gave me the oddest look. Like I was some fruitcake. Hey, buddy, you’re the one that just reminded me that September 13 is not a Friday. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t express my preference for prime numbers, too. Gabe was born on May 17. If this baby shows up on a prime numbered day, it would make me happy (although a living, breathing, healthy baby outweighs any number preferences...).

I don’t see that I will actually make it to the 13th, but I guess now we know the latest possible birth date. Let the countdown begin!

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