Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm back in the old routine, as it were, if the old routine includes searing lumbar pain. The gaming extravaganza was fun, especially those parts where I could sit on my butt and pretend that I wasn't hurting. When I walked, I used the stroller as a crutch. Quite the sight, I'm sure.

The pain has not abated in the last few days and today I finally called my doctor's office (I know, I know) to see if I should be concerned. The doctor did not seem to find the symptoms alarming, but suggested that I stop by in the next few days and leave a cup o'pee to let them check for any bladder or kidney infection just to be sure. I'll swing by tomorrow on my way to work. I'm not experiencing any of the classic UTI symptoms, so I suspect that it is simply my back taking a holiday.

I felt so good at the beginning of last week. Nothing hurt, I had energy...but now I feel like a 90+ year old woman has taken up residence in my lower back and stabs me out of spite every time I lift my rear-end from the chair. I actually have to stop and muster up the strength to deal with the searing hot pokers running through my back in those first few steps. Subsequent steps are not much better, but once I'm moving, I'm moving. And sleeping has become an activity that is conducted while sitting up. Lying down, even with an assortment of pillows is quite painful. And Tyl*nol? Ha! What a joke.

Enough of my bitching. Besides, who the hell let a 30-week pregnant woman go to a gaming conference? Oh, right...me.

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