Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Facebook Effect

I noticed in horror that it has been nearly three months since I updated the blog, and I have only one excuse, one torrid addiction to blame. Facebook. The little quips throughout the day, the immediate interaction with friends, the reading of others' quips en mass in short order. Oh, it is like yummy Internet Nirvana.

And it makes me neglect you, dear blog.

Of course, it doesn't help that I get these grandiose ideas about what I should be writing. Follow me as I cook dinner! Best shopping deals! Do it yourself! Vacation on a budget! My kids are awfully cute!

You get the idea, too much to say at one time yields utter silence. Oh, that and moving. Yep, we finally get our wish and in another month we will have a new address. Woot! And OMG I have to pack all of this stuff. Gah!

Add tracking my move in more detail that you ever needed in life to the list of things I should be blogging. Yeah. It doesn't get much more exciting.

Or perhaps I will spare you. In any case, don't stay away for long because I will be back in force. Really.