Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Tidbits

We have, of course, been having rather overcast mornings, so I have not been able to recapture the glowing paint moment. I will keep trying, though.

I have decided that LittleGirl is already a blackbelt in something. When I sat down at my desk this morning, you would have thought there was a full-grown Tazmanian devil in my belly trying desparately to get out. My abdomen was being pushed out hard and far, and quickly, too. And then she got to the same activity but from under the ribs. Ouch! I was sitting there at an angle, rubbing my belly, and saying, "ok, ok, I get it- you're cramped in there." What else is a girl to do?

There must be a term for it, but what do you call it when your ankles go from cankles to something that better resembles a bean bag? I mean, by the end of the day, it looks like I am trying to smuggle softballs out of the office. Not pretty.

I have not read the new Harry Potter yet, but I should have a copy by the weekend.

Best day at work: On Monday, I called my parents' house to see how Gabe was doing. My dad answered and shortly thereafter, I heard the extension picking up and clicking down over and over. I knew that Gabe was playing with the phone. I then hear a little, "Hello?" and so I answer, "Hi sweetie!" Gabe immediately yells, "Grandma- it's MOMMY!" in the most excited voice I have ever heard. Melted my heart right there on the spot.


wavybrains said...

Sorry about the swollen feet. My midwife said that swelling is normal with the heat, but that if it gets really noticeable, I should do a quick blood pressure check. You might want to do that just for peace of mind. Otherwise I think it's just known as "Third Trimester." :) :)

Jenn (dish) said...

I actually had similar levels of swelling starting at 19-20 weeks during the last pregnancy, so I'm just writing it off as normal. My hands are definitely more swollen this time, which is more annoying than the feet (I'm not trying to do needlepoint with my toes...).