Saturday, June 04, 2005

Best birthday ever

So, Wednesday was my 34th birthday- seems to be a trend around here, what, turning 34 and all...This year was, without question, the best birthday ever.

My husband forgot- repeatedly- that it was my birthday.

I was a walking zombie of a person due to sleep deprivation.

I probably smelled because I didn't have time to get a shower.

I was at the complete beck and call of another human being*.

I got no presents at all**.

I got no "special visits" that night***.

I got older.

* The existence of this little human brought me to tears of joy several times over the course of the day...'nuff said.

** I did get a very yummy birthday cake as a surprise from my parents in the middle of the day.

*** Um, I don't actually want any. If you question why, please re-read my delivery story and you'll get the drift.