Monday, July 16, 2007

Not All Gamers Are Evil

Ok, just to clarify, even though we appreciate gaming in our house, we are certainly not these people. I can’t even imagine starving my kids for a game. I will admit that I have not experienced addiction first-hand. And, as someone with extensive training in psychology, I do know that there are plenty of addictions outside of drugs and alcohol (the factors usually associated with that word). But I will admit that the mom in me has trouble with any child neglect, especially one that could put a bad name on my hobby. And although I don’t do video/internet gaming, specifically, we all know that if you damn one form of a hobby, every other form (no matter how close) gets swept into the sh*t pile, too.

Enough about that. Here are some life tidbits to hold you over until I get a minute to write some more on each:

The nursery has been cleared. The walls are primed. A paint color has been chosen. Fabric was obtained for the curtains (tried to find pre-made and nothing spoke to me). Photo montage (as promised) will be delivered soon.

No one in the group went insane at our gaming session the other night (and, therefore, no children were starved or otherwise ignored).

My major work projects will all conclude within two weeks. While this is making my life crazy at the moment, I love the fact that August will be the month of “passing the buck” rather than scrambling to complete big projects.

Went to the zoo yesterday. Fun was had by all. The big hit = fish.

Next doctor’s visit (32 weeks) on Friday. Will update again then.

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wavybrains said...

What's your stance on painting while pregnant? I have a dresser that I'd dearly love to paint, but I'm a bit worried about it. If I do it outside, do you think I'd be okay? Dr. Google doesn't offer any conclusive opinions on this. And please, do post pictures once the color is final!