Monday, January 26, 2009


One of the good things about being more “out” about my location is that I can now tell you about cool things that I have done around town without being so vague. Yesterday, we went to a symphony concert that was part of our subscription, and I was so moved by the performance that I wanted to tell you about it. We have, without question, a world-class group of musicians. At many of the season’s concerts, guest soloists enhance what is already a memorable experience. In all cases, I appreciate the soloist’s talent and enjoy the music. In a few rare cases, I am blown away by the individual’s talent. Yesterday was one of those days.

The soloist was pianist Gabriela Montero. For those thinking that the name rings a bell, she was the pianist in the quartet that performed at Tuesday’s inauguration. That fact alone was pretty cool. Then, we saw her play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Her fingers seemed to simply glide along the keys…no pounding, no effort, no fuss. They just floated along and beautiful music came forth. After the piece was over, she asked for input from the audience in order to provide us with musical improvisation. After someone finally brought forth a theme (Over the Rainbow), she took that simple melody and composed, on the spot, a musical piece so complex and beautiful and riveting that I am still awestruck at what I witnessed. And if that were not enough, after the intermission, Gabriela was joined by three other musicians for a special piece. John Williams gave special permission to the symphony that his recent composition, Air and Simple Gifts, could be performed. In this new era of hope and change and personal responsibility, I was moved by hearing the inaugural music brought to my hometown and rendered so carefully.

It was a pretty awesome day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Talking with Mr. Moo

I have the best time conversing with my son. I mean, who knew that you could actually converse with a three-year old (I didn't before I was a mom) and enjoy it, too?

Thoughts On Election Day

Me: Mr. Moo, did you know that today is a very special day?
Moo: Is it my birthday?
Me: No, we get a new president today (spent another sentence or so explaining the president...)
Moo: What does he have for breakfast?
Me: (thinking that my child is so insightful to wonder what the president-elect was having for breakfast) I'm not sure, honey. Maybe we can ask him someday.
Moo: No, mommy--what are we having for breakfast?

Teaching Boudica to Talk

Boudica: Ease! Ease! (reaching for a cracker)
Moo: No, Boudica, it's PUH-lease. PUH-PUH-lease.
Boudica: Ease!! Ease!!!
Moo: No, No...PUH-lease. PUH-lease! (getting angry)
Boudica: (laughing and delighting in the moment) EASE!!! EASE!!! (more laughing)

On Destinations

Moo: Where are we going, mommy?
Me: Crazy, honey. We're going crazy. (It had been a long morning)
Moo: No, mommy. We're going to grandma's house, not going crazy.
Me: Ok, honey--sounds good to me.

No Soup for You!

Thought for the day...

When the okra in your soup is actually jalapeno pepper, you will have an entirely different lunch than you anticipated.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad timing supreme

Not that there could ever be a good time for something like the crash of flight 1549 to occur, but did it have to occur only an hour before I bought plane tickets? And, of course, I have spent the last week debating whether to get Boudica her own ticket* because she would be better off in a car seat if anything goes wrong (yes, I do really do a "worst case" thing in my head when we travel).

I didn't hear the story until I was heading home (post purchase), but it's probably good that it happened that way or I might have put off buying the tickets even longer and missed the good price (go Southwest!). I am truly awestruck by the fact that everyone survived that crash. It is a testament to the pilot and crew and an honest to gawd miracle IMHO.

*In case you're wondering, I decided to take advantage of the lap child option because (a) it's probably the one and only time and (b) the two flight legs are only an hour each.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Pic

Yes, it's January and I am finally getting to the post where I share our Christmas picture. This year, the kids actually agreed to pose with each other and stopped roughhousing for long enough for me to snap this one:
We actually took quite a few that day, but it shortly dissolved into something more like this:
And then we all went to visit Santa where the small ones proceeded to completely freak out. But there were cookies, so all was good. I also now realize that our livingroom carpet and drapes should never be featured in closeup. It is just me, or does the pattern mix make your head spin? It's actually quite nice when you see the whole room at once...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I need mental download

I have written so many awesome posts in the last few weeks. In my head. If I could just hit a button to transmit them to the blog or at the very least save them, you'd have a lot more to read. As it is, I get to the keyboard and try to remember the really cool thing I wanted to say and draw a complete blank.

Before I forget, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY over on the Savvy blog, so go check it out and enter for a cool DVD. The winner will be chosen on January 19, so get a move on.

In the meantime, I hope to either find my brain or a wicked cool USB cable to capture those lost posts.