Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nursery- Stage 1

This past weekend, Gabe and I escaped the house for the day (and then overnight) to allow Mr. D to paint the nursery. Ok, techically he primed the nursery. So, while he was slaving away with a brush and roller, Gabe and I were enjoying the zoo with my parents. As I mentioned in a recent post, he just loved the fish. He was content to stare into one of the tanks for quite a long time. Other kids would run up, take a quick look and run off. Not my Gabe. He would study the fish. Watch their every move. Poor kid's probably going to be an unemployed marine biologist in 20 years.

So, the nusery is now primed, and the ceiling fan has been fixed. Both are positive. Tuesday night we went and actually purchased the paint. The walls will be "purple whisper" and the trim is something like "blissful moment." Essentially, rosy purple and light cream. I did forget to take a picture of the room in the "before" state, but I snapped a couple of the guest room in its current state of disarray.This one is the bulk of the stuff from the other room. Yes, there is a bed under that huge pile. And the scariest part? Everything in this room will now be staying in this room. The baby furniture has been moved out and is either in the center of the nursery or in the hallway. Oh, and the space on the far side of the bed is stacked high with boxes from the floor. Unpacking all of this should be fun. And most of it is Mr. D's.

Here is another shot of the room because there just wasn't enough chaos in the first picture. Please do note that most of the bookshelves are empty. That's where the bulk of the boxed stuff will reside...which makes me a little less nervous about rediscovering the guest bed.

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