Wednesday, November 09, 2005

a nerding we will go...

So, I’m off to a conference next week, baby in tow. Should be interesting. The hubby and I are both attending as we work in a similar field. And many people attend the conference with their very young children. So, why do I keep thinking that this is a disaster waiting to happen?

My biggest concern is having enough supplies with me for the long conference day without over packing to the point where I would need to hire a Sherpa. Add to my anxiety the fact that I am now entering my third week of Wei*ght Wat*chers. Will I find food that fits the plan? Will I end up gaining weight for lack of said food? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Alas, I become a broken record of endless questions, driving even myself crazy.

So, anyone in the blogosphere heading over to the Society for Neuroscience conference in D.C.? Huh? Anyone? Bueller?

{insert sound of crickets chirping}

Well, if it turns out that you are (you know how these things pop up- “Oh, honey, we just MUST go over to that neuroscience conference they’re having- it will be a blast”) drop me a comment here before Friday afternoon or just look for the slightly crazed nerd-mom around the convention.