Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monkey in the middle

My little monkey is one amazing boy. Or at least I think so. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve been very selective about my blog topics concerning him because I’m not quite sure how to talk about his development. But, a few recent blog posts out there have brought me into the light, so to speak.

Both Julie and Brooklyn Girl have written posts on how they feel that they must make apologies for their sons’ behavior. Julie apologizes because her 20-month-old does not walk yet, and BG apologizes because her 10.5-month-old toddles around the playground. I feel like I am caught in the middle of those two moms. Gabriel is not yet walking at a little more than 14 months old. The “average” is 12-14 months, depending on who you consult, and so my mommy instincts scream “developmentally delayed...get thee to a specialist pronto!” I think about how I can really understand where Julie is coming from with her concerns. Then it dawns on me that if I were to express my empathies and co-worries to her, she would probably consider me a numbskull assvice dispenser, because my kid is a whole six months younger than Charlie, which in baby time is an eternity. Then I think about BG’s concerns that her son is walking around but not really talking. Gabriel has been talking and communicating very well since he turned nine months. Does that make up for the lack of mobility?

The whole developmental milestone discussion can be quite a sore topic with us moms. We all want our children to be “normal” or even “advanced.” Some of us (like me) don’t discuss it much for fear of either revealing a weakness in our child or fear that we will offend someone whose child is less or more advanced than our own. It makes mommyhood a lonely place when we don’t have each other for support. Childhood development is not a competition. I find it frustrating that I have even said things like “No, Gabe isn’t walking, but he says more than 20 words and uses phrases,” because it’s another apology. Another form of competition. And another way that we distance ourselves from each other. Who else is going to willingly listen to you discuss your child’s excrement? We moms have to stick together. Ok? Good? Great.

P.S. The above is simply a thought from my own head. It is not directed at, or written about, anyone in particular. I write this disclaimer only because it seems that sometimes the most innocent of venting posts gets blown out of proportion and a blog war begins. Not that I have a slurry of readers, but you never know...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Observations at Origins

Our trip to Columbus for the Origins gaming convention was a real treat. It has been a long time since we devoted an entire weekend to the sole purpose of having fun. Over the course of the weekend, I found that there are a few truths in the gaming world that do not necessarily apply to the outside world. (Please pardon the formatting...I tried.)

1) Dice make a lovely accessory.

2) Gamers think it is cool when you threaten that you will plow them over with your stroller by saying “I have a battering ram, and I’m not afraid to use it.” They also move the hell out of the way.

3) I guess Gabe really is beyond breastfeeding because he thinks the ears are the most interesting part of this costume.

4) Jumping in and out of time periods and bodies is an awesome way to spend an afternoon. (Many thanks to the GMs running Cthulu Juxtaposition!)

5) Gabriel said “Hi!” to just about everyone.

6) Then he got so excited he puked.

7) You can never have too many gaming tables.

8) Nor can you ever have enough dice.

9) The Smithee Awards were, as anticipated, spectacular.

10) Alan Smithee was in full regalia.

11) Worst (and thereby best) picture? The Guns of El Chupacabra.

12) I want Gabriel to attend this school.

13) The guys of KenzerCo. didn’t threaten to sue me for the t-shirt!

14) Running into gamers you just met at other locations? Awesome.

15) Scaring your fellow gamers by pulling out a lunch of kippers and saltines? Classic.

16) Blending in with a crowd of gamer geeks? Priceless.