Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Operation Nursery...commence!

Ok, actually it is the beginning stages of the nursery ramped up by the unexpected arrival of houseguests for Thursday night. Sh*t! Don’t get me wrong, we love having guests. And we have the space to house them. But I also tend to use the guest bed as the Grand Clean Clothes Sorting StationTM and the clean clothes, well, they haven’t made it to their homes in a while. I can see the bed...sort of...but it’s going to take some doings tonight to get everything to its rightful place. Hey, at least they are clean clothes.

Given that the furniture from the guest room will be the nursery furniture (minus the bed, of course) this whole process was necessary to start clearing out the random crap that has accumulated in the guest room for centuries. Ok, maybe not centuries, but there’s a lot of crap. And it really is just crap. Our church has a flea market in a couple of months, so once I get to that (after Thursday) I will have two boxes handy in the process- fleas and crappy crap- you know, the stuff that shouldn’t even make it to the flea market it’s so useless.

And we have more houseguests coming at the end of May, some of whom have specifically requested sleeping accommodations in the attic. It’s a finished room, we’re not going all V.C. Andrews on our family. But it is also the realm of chaos. Given that some of the bedroom stuff will end up being shuffled up there, it is, again, a good thing that outside influences are prompting us to get it in gear.

Too bad my transmission only goes into low these days.


wavybrains said...

I am married to pack rat so I feel your pain. ("But I need that power supply . . . old cell phone charger . . .broken container."). I have dealt with the laundry situation by having bins. Most people I tell this too think I'm nuts, but I swear, it's saved YEARS off my life. Out of the dryer into the apropriate bin. Not pretty, not Martha Stewart, but it works.

dish said...

I like the containers idea. I think the solution for
us will be only having one season of clothes out at a
time. Right now, there's just not enough room to
store the sweaters and the shorts all in the same
closets/drawers, so even if I wanted to put everything
away, I can't. I am going out on Saturday to get some
containers for the winter clothes. You know, even
though it went from 80 degrees on Monday and Tuesday
to *snowing* today...(sigh)