Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Driving Me Crazy

The great debate has started in the Dish household about whether we need to get a new car with a second child on the way. And, if said car is to be obtained, what type do we consider? One thing that is for certain: new is really not an option. New to us- yes. New-new and get gouged by the high prices- no.

And the funny thing is what brought us to this discussion in the first place. It was not whether two carseats will fit in the current vehicle (they will). It was the fact that with two carseats installed and two adults in the front, there is nowhere to put...the dog. Yes, we are that strange. We are considering a new-to-us car for the sake of the dog.


Anonymous said...

Good point about the dog. I'm loathe to give up my little SUV and have been imagining how I'm going to get our toddler into a booster and his new sibs into car seats (possibly on either side of him) to allow my husband to sit up front. I'm sure our dog won't be pleased about being relegated to the cargo area, but I really don't want another argument for getting a minivan. I really don't want to drive a minivan!

Jenn said...

Hopefully your dog is as malleable as ours. She pretty much goes where we tell her and tolerates it. Until we can swing the new vehicle comfortably, we'll probably have her ride in the foot area of the back seats since the kids' feet won't reach there anyway.