Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Make it a Double

I made my first new baby purchase last night. Ok, wait, that’s not quite right because I did find those cute little pink Santa pajamas on the clearance rack at Old N*vy. Yeah, that was definitely the first thing. And until last night, the only thing. Heck, I have enough baby stuff around to dress three kids, so I have no need to run out and buy new stuff. “But you’re having a girl this time,” come the cries from the peanut gallery. Yes, true, but I also kept Gabriel’s identity a surprise until delivery, so I have lots of stuff in yellow, green, and white. Plus, unless it says “Daddy’s Little Boy” or is loaded with sports crap, I’m not opposed to dressing a girl in blue. Even the sports crap is ok within reason. (Actually, as a rule, I hate that stores are overloaded with sports-related clothing for boys. But you don’t look a gift outfit in the balls.)

Back to last night. From the great and wondrous place known as eB*y, I scored a double stroller. And to make it even sweeter, it was for pickup only. In my city. In an area that I visit every week for chorus rehearsal. The only way it could have been easier is if it magically appeared in my garage without my having to lift a finger. Wait, it essentially did because the lovely man at the home where I fetched the stroller loaded it into my trunk for me.

Aaaah, sweet baby shopping.

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wavybrains said...

So far, I have: two slings, and some receiving blankets. Kiddo's going to be mighty naked come September (kidding!). Happy shopping!