Friday, March 30, 2007

Beating and Clothed

I had my 16-week checkup today. I technically reach 16 weeks on Monday, but you'll let this one slide, right? I had to laugh at the appointment because when the doctor put the doppler to my abdomen, the heartrate appeared immediately. No searching. Then, just as quickly, it was gone. The kid was jumping around again. Every time I see her on ultrasound she's doing aerobics. I'm going to be one tired mamma. Anyway, he found the heartrate again and got a good measure- 142bpm.

I now feel ok about taking the tags off of my new clothes. Yes, you read correctly...I will *not* be naked. I took what little time I had last night and headed over to the local "irregulars and seconds" store because I had heard tales of maternity clothes in their wares. And I found them. All seven racks of them! Score. I left with two pair of black dress pants, a pair of tan dress capris, tan shorts, and a cute little blouse for only $38. Not bad. Then, I headed over to K*hls because it was close. The maternity stuff was hideous, but I found a few more things in the regular clothes section. Stretchy stuff. Two short sleeve sweaters, a short sleeve blouse, sleeveless blouse, and a skirt/top combo was purchased (damage = $88). So, $126 later and I'm all set for the rest of the pregnancy. I'll take that. In the ideal world, I will find a pair of black dress capris for work. But, if not, at least I won't have to run around naked.


Anonymous said...

Yay for no naked pregnant ladies running around! I actually happened to be at Wal-Mart yesterday and checked out their maternity stuff. They had black pants, but they were that heavy stretchy material that looks unflattering on just about everybody (let alone a pregnant woman).

dish said...

Yeah, I saw those ones, too. You're right- they are only meant for pencil-thin people. And that's not me... :-)

wavybrains said...

Hey I saw you commenting on Barren Mare--we're almost the same # of weeks--I turned 16 weeks on Thursday/Friday. If they have a Ross Dress for Less near you, I found some very good deals there--you have to hunt down the XL clothes, but they are there. I also found several regular tops in the plus size department that are empire cut and make good maternity tops for work.