Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a new 'do

I finally updated to the new blogger. Honestly, I thought that when I updated my passwordy thing I had updated the blog. Um, no. (See, I am so technologically savvy). So, I finally took the plunge and they have only screwed up a little bit. Not bad. Since some of my regular blogrollers were deleted on transition (sorry Julia and Jen!) I revamped it a bit and added a few others that I have been reading. I usually "try" other blogs through other people's sites. It's like sneaking in a bit of chocolate that you know you really shouldn't have. No one who visits your site would even know that you had been there. I actually read quite a few more and will try to keep the list growing as I find new places that amuse me. Not that my blog is a great clearinghouse of information, mind you. It's more than I am lazy and don't want to have to remember whose blog had the link to the cool blog I read last week. Bad memory, my friends, is the worst pregnancy symptom of all. I am normally the elephant. No, change that- I am the guru who teaches the elephant. Yes, that's it. Great memory. And it seems that a consistent pregnancy symptom for me is to let my brain leak out of my ear.

Wait, what was I talking about?

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Anonymous said...

Oh yah, mommy brain is an awful thing. But I like that you've now got a name... it's just so much more human than Dish.