Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Harmonic Holiday

I believe I have mentioned before (I'm not linking because I have no time to dig for a link) that I sing with a women's chorus. A women's barbershop chorus to be exact. It keeps me sane and gives me one night a week when I can get out of the house and participate in an activity with other adults. That is not work. Or diaper changing. It's great. For those that know barbershop, I sing baritone. Does another part actually exist?

Anyway, I will be away this weekend with my chorus for our regional competition. It's the event we work toward each year, and for the last six years we have come in second place five times and third once (the year I missed competition because I was having a baby...I know, terrible excuse). Last year, we missed first place by two points. The scores were quite high (607 versus 609) so we're talking tiny, tiny details that made a difference. Given that the chorus taking first place had twice as many people on stage for their contest performance, we were more than pleased. Most of us were crying tears of joy and were never so happy to come in second place. It was the best contest I have attended yet.

This year, we want to be the brides, not the bridesmaids. And if we win this year, we compete at the 2008 international competition in...get this...Hawaii. Alooooooo-HA! Needless to say, we're a bit excited. If you have a moment on Saturday at 2:45 EST to send us a good thought, prayer, or little cheer, it would be greatly appreciated. I'll let you know the results on Monday (unless I can get on the net earlier).

Toodles till then!


wavybrains said...

I am completely tone-deaf and was actually kicked of children's choir, so I'm in awe of the singing. I'll send you all sorts of luck Saturday though since I can THINK good thoughts--just can't sing them.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo! Best of luck! I've thought for years about joining a local Sweet Adelines chapter but have never managed to make the commitment. Hawaii would be especially fun. I hope you ladies do well!

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck!!!

L, J