Friday, February 11, 2005

Pregnancy Update


I had a good appointment this morning. The heartbeat is nice and strong at 140bpm. I am measuring a little bit ahead, but not too much. I should have measured 24cm for 24 weeks, but given that I'm actually 24.5 weeks, and the fact that my 19w ultrasound puts me another two days ahead of that, I figure it's about normal that I measured 26cm.

The did find trace protein in my urine, but were not alarmed beyond sending me to have a urine culture. Since my OB's office is in the hospital, that means getting a scrip, going to another wing of the hospital, and peeing in another cup. Fine. With my blood pressure completely normal range and minimal swelling in my ankles, I'm not worried that this spells trouble, but I will be happy to have a clean second pee-cup.

In two weeks I go for the one hour glucose test. Oh, boy.

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lobster girl said...

Glad to hear everything's basically fine. What's a little protein among friends?