Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Buying in bulk

So, if you've ever gone to one of those big warehouse stores you find that you are immediately overwhelmed by the possiblity of having things like six pounds of peanut butter in one container, 20 pounds of rice, and so on... We actually belong to one of those clubs and try very hard to avoid going there because we will buy so many things (in bulk) that we really don't need. Last night was a great example. We went to said store for the purpose of buying guacamole for a dinner gathering this weekend. Now, before you flog me repeatedly for misuse of avocados, please understand that I live where the snow falls regularly, avocados cost more than a house, and finding decent guacamole anywhere is a miracle. When I lived in sunny California, I never settled for anything but fresh avocado guac- but those days are gone. However, they happen to have a not-too-bad version at the club store. Ok, mission accomplished.

I also decided that we should get a huge bottle of Dreft as I already had some hand-me-down baby clothes that could be washed and put away to make one less thing to do later. That is to be found no more- rats. Ok, maybe they would have some of those wonderful candied nuts we bought last time (and were very good about eating slowly)- nope, strike two.

However, into our cart did abound tortilla chips, veggie chips, guacamole, taquitos (appetizers for the weekend), salad dressing, and ice cream (the good stuff with the vanilla specks in it). As we got to the check-out I realized that we had not one piece of nutritious food in the whole cart.

No wonder they call it bulk food.

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