Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm home today with a mix of germs attacking my body. It's not all that surprising considering that in the last two weeks I have been juggling sick kids, deadlines, and dual funerals. That's a whole lot of opportunities for exposure. I actually feel better just having slept in today, so I am on the road to recovery.

Tomorrow I start back with Wei*ght Wat*chers. There will be an "at work" session in the building next to mine (conveniently connected by a bridge- no snow or rain for me) and when I was a member a couple of years ago, it did wonders for my waistline. In fact, after a short break from the meetings to accommodate a hectic schedule, I was planning to return to them in January 2007. The day I was to go back I peed on a stick and found out that there was a little surprise for us in the form of two lines. So, the whole WW thing had to wait. Now that our little surprise has arrived and my milk is doing well, I am back to the place that helped me to lose 55 pounds.

Right now, I still have about 20 pounds of pregnancy to lose. I had gained 5 pounds in the six months prior to getting pregnant. So, I'm up 25 pounds from where I ended last time. My goal, then, for this first 17-week session is to get back to where I was before (aka, lose 25 pounds). It is doable if I work hard. I plan to use a ticker like Sherry (Horkin' Ramblings) to keep myself accountable to not only myself, but to the internets in general. I'll post it tomorrow when I know my official starting weight.

Catch you tomorrow with the official start of the new me.

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midlife mommy said...

Good luck on your new venture! I started using Nutrisystem. It's working, but a lot of the food is awful, and the portions are very small. But, it is working. And I take weekends off.