Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In again, begin again

Today, as promised, I went to my first WW at work session in about a year and a half. It felt good to see a lot of the same faces (lifetime members- and those still working) and it felt good to be taking charge of my waistline again.

True, knowing how the system works, I could just as easily track my eating and such on my own. But something about the accountability makes me that much more motivated to stick with the plan. Knowing that next week a person I don't know well at all will be looking at the scale and then writing down that number (which makes it real, of course) keeps me on track. Will I have that person weighing me for the rest of my life? No. But I have already proven to myself that I can maintain. It's the losing part where I need a bit of help.

I posted a weight loss tracker on the right because it will help me to see that I am making progress. I like the idea of the turtle both for the aesthetic alignment with my blog design and also to remind me that slow and steady wins the race. For some reason the tracker wants to appear and then disappear, so it may be a ticky ticker for a while. I'm guessing that it doesn't like that I am posting it on day one. Maybe next week it will resolve itself.

Until then, I have buckets o' points to eat. Nursing a baby really boosts up your daily allotment, I have to say.

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