Sunday, January 27, 2008


Things are a bit harried right now, so this will be short. In brief, kids keep having real or mystery* illnesses, my aunt passed away on Friday**, and work continues along at a good clip. Which is why this post is about nothing but fun! I present to you the clothing item of SC's that I completely covet:

Yes, I am a shoe whore. To be more accurate, I am a comfy, funky shoe whore. And these fit the bill. It seems that the little one might be on to me, though, because as I was taking these pics, she struck a pose that, to me, says, "Go ahead, make my day."

*SC had to come home from daycare on Friday with a high fever (103.2) that magically disappeared by the time we got home. Yeah, I need to miss more work.

**We are, of course, sad, but she was 92 and her health had been failing, so it was far from a surprise.


midlife mommy said...

It's always hard to lose someone. It doesn't matter that they were sick or old. The world is just different without that person -- period.

I hope that the mystery illness departs soon.

And I too heart those shoes. Where did you get them?

Jenn (dish) said...

Thanks, MM. The second funeral was today, so hopefully we are done for a while. You're right- it's hard no matter the circumstances.

The shoes are from Old Navy. I got them a while back, but I always seem to find cute shoes for the kids at that store.