Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Patience, my dear Watson

So, um, yes- I may have been delerious when I wrote that last post. Sorry 'bout that. Really.

Anyway, we're into a new week that, so far, has been illness free. Ok, puking free. I still have a cough that is taking up squatters rights in my lungs. Mr. D keeps telling me to go to the doc's, but I'm not listening (laa, laa, laa...can't hear you). I guess I just don't feel sick enough to (a) take the time from my schedule to go to the doctor's office and (b) bug the doctor. I know that it's their job to see sick people, but I like to be, oh, dying or at least limping or something (the last time I went for a sick visit was the day Mr. D ran over my foot with the car).

Today was my WW@work meeting and I am down another 1.6 pounds for a total of 4.8 in three weeks. It's a good number and I'm moving in the right direction, but I keep thinking back to when I started WW a few years ago. The first week I managed to lose 5.6 pounds. Shazaa! Then I lost almost five the second week. In other words, I got that initial "bonus" weight loss that typically happens when you start a new eating plan. But this time, I'm seeing a consistent 1.6 pounds/week. No bonus. No shazaa. Hmmm. I know that the loss has to be slow to maintain my milk, and I know that a nursing mom gets to eat a whole 10 points per day more than a non-nursing mom. But I am, of course, getting antsy about the pace of the loss. Forget that I put a freakin' turtle as my ticker on purpose because I know it's a slow process. Forget that I am actually losing more than a pound a week. I'm just fixated on the fact that it's been three weeks and I'm not yet at five pounds. I just have to remind myself that the slower it comes off, the more likely it will stay off. And this mamma is going to keep it off, darnit!

The other factor contributing to the apparent slowness is that when I last weighed what I do now, I was in a smaller size. But I was also pre-kid#2. My body shifted around a lot more in my second pregnancy, and I need to remind myself of that fact, too. The size 16 pants are hanging there waiting patiently. I just wish I could be a bit more patient about wearing them.

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