Monday, August 27, 2007

Project LittleGirl Continues

Still here, still pregnant. For some reason I had it in my head that today might be the day, but I also had bookmarked today as the 37-week mark, thus removing any preemie labels from the kid after birth. Of course, it is only mid-day, so perhaps today can still be the day. Given that most labor starts overnight, though, I doubt it.

There was a minor wager ($1) between two office members today as to whether I would be in to work this week. I'm here, so the one that started it had to pay up. I told the recipient that she should up the ante, but also warned her not to get greedy because at some point I will actually have to be out of the office to have the baby. Not sure when. Every night as I am trying to relax I figure "this is it" as the kids pushes with all of her might against my cervix.

Along those lines, I had my last checkup on Friday but held off on posting due to the book review (not so fond of the book, but let me tell you about my cervix!). My stats were as follows (on Friday):

36w4d, 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, station -1, fundus @ 38w

So, progress, but not what I was expecting given the level of "get me outta here" action she's been up to these days.

I managed to get the sheets washed over the weekend, so the crib is ready and waiting. No window treatments yet, though. I started working on them yesterday and managed to sew all of the side seams and pinned two of the bottom hems. I will finish pinning and sewing the bottoms tonight and hopefully also get the top hems with ribbon ties pinned. Mr. D keeps asking when he can hang the curtain rods and, unfortunately, the answer is always, "after the curtains are done." Otherwise, I won't know exactly how high to hang the rods. Thankfully, straight lines are easy to sew and we have a HUGE table in our back room (54" square) that helps with laying out and pinning curtains. The biggest barrier so far has been finding a time when a certain two-year-old won't be rummaging through my pins, scissors, and sewing trinkets while I make a seam or two.

As a final note, I could do with a little less family drama. FIL is doing better, thankfully. And I have probably bested the melanoma monster again. Last Thursday, though, my dad had to be admitted to the hospital with a bad infection requiring IV antibiotics. He went home this morning. And an hour ago, surgery began for a cousin who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. They are going to remove what they can, follow with interleukin therapy, but skip the radiation (this form of cancer does not respond). So, prayers for J and his family are quite welcome. Even with the surgery, the cancer is terminal, it simply prolongs his days. I just hope that we can avoid excessive drama with the arrival of this baby. There's been enough already.

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wavybrains said...

Wow that's a lot of drama! Keeping you all in my thoughts!

And hey, the day isn't over yet! Now how about we synchronize these babies, cause I wouldn't be opposed to today or this week either :) :)