Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maybe it was the steak with a side of cow

I went for my checkup this morning and nothing much has changed in the cervical arena. For the first time in months, my fundal height is on target (38w), which essentially means a whole lot of nothing in my book (I don't exactly trust the tape measure thingy to be terribly accurate). The only thing that has changed is that I now have protein in my urine (dum dum DAAAAAH). It's only a +1 (on a scale of zero to +4 for those not in the know), which isn't a terrible amount, but it's also more than none. Add to that the fact that I have been having really awful abdominal pain on the right side in the evenings since Monday. Not during the day, just in the evening. Oh, and for those playing doctor at home, my blood pressure is completely normal (118/82 today...which is the highest it's been for this pregnancy but still is not high.

The doc (I have not conjured a pseudonym, sorry) sent me for bloodwork and a second urine test. He actually just called (I was about to write "post update later") and said that the definitive tests for pre-eclampsia were negative, but some of the peripheral tests were elevated. So, he wants me to take my BP twice a day and if it gets to the high 120's/80's to give them a call (the man was obviously listening when I told him that my normal baseline BP is 100/60). I am also to let him know if the right side pain presents in a higher location as that could be liver pain (but my liver screen was normal). So, I don't have pre-e, but I seem to be just starting to show some possible signs that I might possibly (but not definitely) have pre-pre-e. Nice and vague- love it.

Obviously the kid was not listening when I mentioned that I've had quite enough drama in the outside world over the last few weeks. Drama with the baby is not cool.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly hope your little girl decides to make her own way out before your doc has to decide to go in and get her!