Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So, tell me this. Would you walk into someone's office, move their chair, and then leave it askew when you leave? No? Ok, then you aren't the one that was in my office yesterday. I don't think I would have even noticed if it was my desk chair, because I never leave it in the same place. It was one of the two chairs that sit opposite my desk. It was turned sideways. Odd. Maybe I have a poltergeist.

Mr. D is home now, which is a relief considering the level of "get me out" that LittleGirl has been displaying recently. For the past week or so, every evening I would get the distinct sensation that she was pushing off from my ribs with her feet and that her head was aimed squarely at my cervix. The sensation of stretching a tight muscle in the nether-regions is not what I would call pleasant. Today she started doing it in the morning as well. Oh, and at church on Sunday, where I spent the service praying "not right now, please."

I went in on Monday for the re-excision surgery with the dermatologist. Now I just have an achey, pinchy, itchy leg (itchy because I am allergic to the tape on the pressure bandage that comes off tonight- yay). The stitches have to stay in for three weeks, and the dermatologist said that my OB can take them out, no problem. Maybe if we time it right I can get them to sew up the c-section and take these out all at the same time. But if the baby is already here, I'm just going to remove them myself. Been there, done that.

Today was originally slated as a vacation day, but I decided that I feel good and want to get some more work done by the end of this week. I'm sure that by Friday I will be wishing that I had rested today. Oh well.

Gabriel's latest unending banter:

What are you doing? and

What's that?

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wavybrains said...

My passenger has also been doing the pushing off thing. Not fun.

I'm glad Mr. D is back now!