Thursday, August 16, 2007

Movin' right along

I had a checkup this morning with the OB and everything is chugging along nicely. Here are the stats:

"Fingertip" dilated (I'm guessing that means at least 1/2cm)
50% effaced
Station = -1
Fundal = 37w

So, the kid is still measuring a week ahead and everything else is getting prepped for her arrival. With Gabriel, I had almost exactly the same measurements at my 36-week visit, and he was born at 38 weeks, leading me to again conclude that this kid will be here by Labor Day (yes, I know the irony). Actually, it would be interesting for her to arrive on that day because on Labor Day 2004, the embryo that would become Gabriel was transferred to my ute.

Next week I will sign the consent forms for the c-section (scheduled for noon on September 13...all together now- laugh!) and for a tubal ligation. The latter form is such an odd thing to be considering. Here I am, infertile Jenn, intending to purposefully interrupt my reproductive system. I'm the one that laughed at my OB for asking what type of birth control we would be using after Gabe was born. Of course, I am also the same one who has managed to conceive the old-fashioned way. It was not an easy decision, but it's one with which I am comfortable. I am currently 36 years old. If I were to conceive on my own again, it would probably not happen until I'm at least 38. Everyone has their own comfort level for maternal age and, well, mine has reached it's prime. Given that this pregnancy resulted in a risk for Trisomy 21 (Downs) of 1:10 and for Trisomy 18 (fatal) of 1:83, I don't think I really want to roll those dice again. The odds can't possibly get better as I get older. Mr. D's only concern is that the surgery would take place when the baby is only a few minutes old. True, but my age isn't going to change regardless of whether we are dealt a bad hand with a newborn (a thought I don't even like to consider). And his swimmers are only getting older, too. I can always get to the big day and say "no" to the ligation, but if I don't sign the papers in advance, then I can't request it that day. So, I'll sign.

Other life updates: My FIL is home from the hospital and seems to be slowly, but steadily, improving. He's still being stubborn, so votes of sainthood for my MIL are in order. But, his improvements also mean that Mr. D will be home on Monday. I'm glad, because the little clock in me says that we'll be meeting this kid soon. I'm not sure why, but the 27th seems to be sticking. Anyone want to wager on a date?


wavybrains said...

Hmm. Could be the 27th. I'm not seeing you go into September for some reason.

And if those measurements could translate into *me* having a 38 week delivery, that would be very nice--I'm almost exactly the same. -2 station, 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced.

Very good news about Mr. D!

Anonymous said...

She's at -1 already? That's bound to help that effacement along a bit. I don't think you'll reach September pregnant either.

Jane said...

You are further along then me so you may beat me to the hospital! No progress here -- UGH!

Glad to hear things are getting better with Mr. D's dad.