Monday, December 06, 2004

Monday, Monday...

I had lunch today with a friend and after much lively conversation, we were presented with the bill and two fortune cookies (a non-Chinese restaurant, but whatever). I opened mine to reveal the following:

"To be a man means constant revision like correcting a writing"

Um, what?

So, for starters, am I to be a man, as in penis-toting individual, or a man as in human? I spend a lot of time editing documents, so does that qualify? And when is the last time a man said to you "I am a man, therefore I will change."? That's what I thought.

At least one of my lucky numbers was 13.

Happy Monday.

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miracle said...

I had to laugh reading your last post about boobs. Just wait until your milk comes in! When mine did it looked like I had gone in and had a really badly done breast enlargement. Best of luck for the future.