Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Call

Remember my promise to call the adoption agency and spill the beans? Well, the call happened, but as it turned out, they called me before I could even dial the phone.

--insert Twilight Zone music--

I was still at work yesterday, desperately scrambling to get a grant out the door early (it went out today on time...still good. I'll take it.), and the phone rang with a number I didn’t recognize. I debated answering, given my mental state, but as I was still waiting for a signature page, I hoped that it was someone calling me to say that it was finished.

It was the director of the adoption agency, C.

She explained that she had sent out a series of invitations and two of them were returned with no postage, one of them being ours. At first I was confused, thinking that I had sent her something that was amiss. My brain scrambled for a second to determine what that could be, but before I had an answer, she continued. C. explained that there was a meeting Thursday night and that was the purpose of the invitation. Could we make it? I asked her if she could give me more details on the meeting, and she explained that this was a series of six pre-adoption classes given to a small group, one class per month.

My heart about stopped.

C. was calling to put us in what they call “group.” This is the near equivalent of being on the short list. As she continued to explain, placement would normally occur by the end of the six-month period, sometimes even sooner. She said that she was very excited to have A. and I as a part of the group.

Oh. My. God.

My head was racing I’m going to be a mom! I’m going to be a mom! I’m going to be a mom! I’m going to be a mom!

And then my reality checker kicked in (it’s been on a delay, gotta get that thing fixed), and I knew that beans must be spilled. So, I told C. our news. She was so excited for us. She asked how far along I was, how was I feeling, etc, etc. I told her how thrilled I was to know that she had been calling to ask us to be in group but that I certainly couldn’t join considering the pregnancy. She agreed completely. I asked her if we could please keep our file active but just on a delay for now. I told her how much I love the agency, how much I love the people I’ve met, and how strong my desire is to adopt. Could I adopt through them after I give birth? Her response- Absolutely!

So, the news is out, we’re on hold with the adoption for now, but in about a year or so, we’ll get the ball rolling once again and get our little one a sibling. I told C. that we would be continuing to volunteer, and she was so pleased. And she wants me to keep her posted on everything with this baby. I love that she honestly cares about the people whose lives she touches. The birthmothers, the adoptive families, and the children.

I floated for a very long time after I hung up the phone, and I am finally aware of the reality that there will be a child in my life very, very soon. Thank you C., for everything you do at the agency and for giving me the best reality check of all-

I’m going to be a mom!

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