Wednesday, February 07, 2007

For you, S

So, I chatted for a bit with my friend S (the recently married) who informed me that he must now be famous because he was misrepresented on the internet. Well, actually his *cake* was misrepresented. The preserves in the cake were raspberry, not strawberry. There, S, now you are even more famous because you are part of an erratum on the internet. (smile) And the cake is still the best I have ever eaten, regardless of the mashed fruit held within.

Oh, and he also asked me to post more often.

This week will be insane for me, but I leave you with the thought that I have now seen Shreck about 100 times in the last month. Gabriel is decidedly obsessed with "Monster" as he calls it. I often come to work with some song or another stuck in my head. This morning, A called me to say that he had "that crazy Duloc" song stuck in his head. You know, the one that they play along to the dancing dolls just as Shreck and Donkey enter the city? Here's a refresher:

welcome to duloc
such a perfect town
here we have some rules,
let us lay them down,

don't make waves,
stay in line,
and we'll get along fine,
duloc is a perfect place

please keep feet of the grass,
shine your shoes,
wipe your............face!
duloc is,
duloc is,
duloc is a perfect place

The song must really make one crazy because not only did A have it stuck in his head, but he drove over to the daycare after dropping me off. He pulled into the lot, parked, and was saying "are you ready for school?" when he realized that the carseat was empty because Gabe is at Grandma's house on Wednesdays.

That Shreck is crazy, I tell ya. Now I need me some parfait.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! When did he think Gabe had gotten into the seat? Too funny!