Monday, November 13, 2006

And about the weekends...

Ok, I guess the weekend posting things is just not going to happen. Part of the problem is that when I am at home I have to contend with (gasp) dial-up service. Another problem is that I use a computer all day at work and have little desire to touch one on the weekends. And, there’s always the combined problem of energy and time. And, alas, the weekend posting goes out the door.

Speaking of energy, mine has completely gone out the door these days. Gabriel is not sleeping much at night, and we are walking around like zombies. He has also decided that taking a nap in his crib is NOT going to happen. He will take a nap in the “big bed” but not in the crib. (sigh) I don’t know if this is a sign that he is ready to transition, a way for him to be manipulative, or a combination of the two. We have a guest bed in the house, but I know I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that he could fall out. Yes, there are rails for the sides, but what about the bottom? What about the fact that the rails are low? He’s no dummy. So, I am considering the option of giving him a mattress on the floor to see if that helps. We have a twin set just waiting to be used, and there’s always the crib mattress. That will be an option as soon as I re-childproof his room. He has a nightlight. Great for a kid in a crib- not so much for the free-range toddler. The bookcase is not yet strapped to the wall- must get to that. And there is the fact that his room tends to be cool, and we have been using a portable oil-filled radiator type heater. That will have to go, too.

I think I will be very busy this weekend, too...don’t look for a post.

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