Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Back from the dermatologist- take two

Well, I had my dermatologist follow-up yesterday, and it went pretty well. The Novocain hurt like a real be-yatch and of course was not numbing me very well so she had to keep adding it and adding it. The doc was asking me about the nursery, the d├ęcor, the baby- anything to distract me. Nope, not working. The searing pain from the needle and anesthetic was just a wee little bit more present in the forefront. But nice try.

The cutting went pretty smoothly. I haven’t seen all of the sites yet as I am to keep them covered for two days before changing the dressings. This morning, one of the dressings had fallen off, so I go to see that the smallest site- originally the size of an M&M is now almost the size of a quarter. Not terribly large, but when you are missing skin it seems like the size of a meteor crater. The others should be just lovely considering that they were at least dime size to begin with. Oh well.

And the non-epinephrine anesthetic? Did I bleed? You betcha. It took the nurse 30 minutes just to get it to the point where she could add a bandage. Lovely.

I also got a clearer version of the original biopsy report. Two of the three moles were completely benign, but fell into the dysplastic nevus category. The third one was actually precancerous. So, we’ll just cross fingers that she got the entire margin of all three sites this time and I won’t be back again. But, if I need to go back- guess what- I’m going back. As I said before, melanoma is some scary shit.

Feeling like crud today- GI distress. I know, that can be a sign that labor is pending. I think it is more of a sign that one should not consume a large piece of meatloaf that can double as a doorstop (I’m not the best cook).

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