Friday, May 06, 2005

Pregnancy Update


HR = 138

Head = down

Cervix = 1cm

That last tidbit shocked the hell out of me. I know that I can walk around for weeks being dilated, but at least it is a sign of progress. Something is happening down there, and a baby is on the way sooner or later. S/he is definitely low- it feels like I am walking with a cantaloupe between my legs.

At this point my bag is packed and in the car, the nursery is mostly done (the only thing not done is hanging the wall decor- a detail), and I have the other supplies I need for a newborn.

Ok, kid, you can come out now. We're ready.


lobster girl said...

Wowsa. Come on little canteloupe!

Swarmy said...

I got a bright shiny quarter that says it's a girl.

We are really excited for you! Go Dish!