Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dr. Numb-Numb = Dr. Ass

**Warning: Pregnancy-related post**

I had a visit with my OB this morning. The baby is doing great. Good strong heartbeat at 144bpm. Love it.

However, as you might have guessed from the title, I am none too pleased with the doctor. If you recall, Dr. Numb-Numb is my regular doctor who had, prior to the pregnancy, been helpful, informative, and, I thought, understanding. Wrong. As soon as I returned to his practice at 8 weeks along, I was assaulted with his dogma on weight gain in pregnancy. He proclaimed adamantly that I was to only gain 16 pounds, 20 at most. At that point, I had gained nothing at all, so I wasn't really phased by his comment.

A few visits later, I saw him again (I had seen another doctor in the interim as is common once you're an OB patient), and he chastised me for gaining six pounds in a month. "Two pounds only!" he ranted.

I managed to skip seeing him for a while in the rotation and in the meantime my weight was all over the place. Lost a pound one month, gained three the next, and so forth. Well, this month (of course) I somehow gained eight pounds and of course it was Dr. Numb-Numb on the schedule. Great. I actually went in thinking that I had not gained at all or was perhaps up only the two pounds allowed as I am feeling great. My clothes fit fine, I am not uncomfortable, etc. All of those things that I normally use to gauge weight gain.

He was not pleased at all with the weight, as you probably guessed. He asked about my sugar test- it was fine. Did I have a family history of sugar? Unknown because I'm adopted. Perhaps I'm eating too much salt and retaining water? No, I really don't like salt.

His suggestion to control the weight gain? "Maybe you should skip a meal each day." Excuse me? Skip. A. Meal? Did you notice that I am GESTATING here? That's not even a healthy thing for someone who is not pregnant.

All hail, the arrival of Dr. Ass.


Jo said...

Holy CRAP. That's horrendous.

I'm thankful you're knowledgeable enough to spot what asshattery that is -- and I wonder how many patients this guy terrorizes? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

How old is this guy? That is some ancient thinking there. When my mom was pregnant with my sister in the late 60s, her doc was the same way. She had gained 3 pounds one month and he fussed at her and said by the next month she'd better have lost 1.5 lbs. She of course went home and sobbed on the couch, but she lost the weight for the next appt.

Dr. Ass, indeed!

Swarmy said...

Um......look, you are one of the smartest people I know, so it kinda pains me to say this, but it's not the ass doctor you need right now. Riik ain't taking that route.

Sorry. :-)

Some doctors just plain suck. And some doctors just rub some people the wrong way. Our pediatrician drives Lisa crazy but I like him. Go figure. Avoid the dunce if you can, or tell him what a jerk he is. Explain to him that you nkow lots of Italian men from the east coast, if ya know what I mean. :-)

I will suggest to you that you not get too attached to the idea of a particular doc being "at the helm" when it all goes down. There will be a crowd in there and you'll swear some guy is out on the street corner selling tickets like it's the Steelers season opener.

dish said...

Thanks for all of the support- I definitely take this guy's words with a grain of salt. I am bad at guessing age, but I would bet he's right around 50, give or take a couple of years.

Once the kid is out and about, I will be choosing a different doc in the practice for my regular visits. It might be out of the frying pan- into the fire, but I am willing to take that chance. I won't cause waves before the delivery just for my own sanity, though.