Friday, April 22, 2005

Take that, Dr. Ass

Pregnancy Update:

baby's heartrate = 149bpm
baby's position = undetermined (but not head down)
my blood pressure = 120/70

and the coup de weight was down a pound

I was bracing myself for another visit with Dr. Ass this morning, knowing that my weight would be up at least a pound or two. When I glanced at the scale and thought that I saw a smaller number, I wanted to see his reaction, given the tongue lashing I got last time for excessive gain.

He said nothing about the weight, so I brought it up.

Me: So, how was my weight this time?

Dr.A: It's down one pound

Me: Really? Well, I have to be perfectly honest- I didn't change anything at all in my habits. In fact, last time I was more shocked to see that it was up so many pounds.

Dr.A: Well, I guess you're having fluctuations in your fluid then. Ok.

Me (inside my head): Grrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuugh!

Next visit in one week.

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