Friday, March 25, 2005

Whoring it up

Gee- I guess now that I have whored myself by giving out my blog address over at Karen’s and Cecily’s sites, I should probably get something posted for those who might stumble over here.

For those who are finding me through their blogs- welcome! Pardon the mess- I think if you move that pizza box out of the way there will be plenty of space for all. Yep, just throw it over in the corner- yeah, right there. Great!

I guess I should have planned for guests- I have some pretzels and chips. No, cancel the chips- I ate those. Um, carrot sticks? And, um, wasabi peas? Tell you what- I’ll run out and get some decent snacks and maybe even find a good topic while I’m at it. Then we can have a good ol’ gab session (if the Blogger comments cooperate).

Stay tuned!


Zoie said...

I came looking for pie!!!!! lol

Karen said...

I LURVE wasabi peas. Gimme em NOW.