Thursday, March 10, 2005

Pregnancy Update

I had a good appointment this morning. Here's the summary:

heart rate = 138
bp = 120/70
glucose tolerance test = passed!

My weight was higher than I had hoped, but surprisingly I did not get any harsh words from the doc. In fact, he said that I was doing fine and to keep up the good work. As of now, I'm only up 16 pounds for the whole pregnancy, so it's well within reason. They have been watching it closely, though, because I started off with *ahem* a few extra pounds. I asked my husband to be blunt about whether I had added any size to my butt, hips, legs, etc. He said that really, the only place I'm bigger is in the stomach. That was my perception, too, but when it comes to weight, I am VERY good at denial. Mind you, I would happily take any weight needed for the baby to be healthy, but I was hoping that I would find most of it front and center.

Next visit in 4 weeks and then I'm on to the 2-week visits.

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Anonymous said...

Very glad that things are still going so well for you. DOn't worry about your weight, sweets. YOu have far more important things to worry about!

karen/naked ovary