Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rhythm of Spring

The eggs are dyed, the baskets are hidden, and the bunny needs to get to sleep. But I thought I'd send out a quick hello before that standing date with my pillow. May I just say that the pollen levels this spring are completely kicking my butt? Sheesh. I have had hay fever since I was 12 and each year is a random collection of symptoms. Out of the collection of runny nose, itchy eyes, rash, hives, dry cough, and plugged sinuses, I could have one symptom or the whole ball of wax. It's a little different every time. That's just like my body to make a run of the mill thing like hay fever a game of roulette. Fun.

Because I know you're just dying to find out, I won't keep it from you. This year it's a good dose of the dry hacking cough. I thought a bit of sinus impaction was on it's way, but I seem to have dodged that one.

Unfortunately, the season is still young...

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Jenn said...

Tom's allergies are awful right now. And the allergy season is only getting started! We have eleventy million different meds around here and none of them are working.