Thursday, April 02, 2009

Doing the PP Dance

Last night, the whole family was doing a little pee-pee dance because Boudica used the potty. Yay! It was completely unexpected, but when she started pulling on her diaper and looking distressed, we figured what the heck--might as well try the potty. I know that it's only one time, but my little girl is a bullheaded thing. If she sets her mind to doing something, she's going to do it (gee, I wonder where she gets that from...?).

What I really hope is that the green-eyed monster rears it's ugly head and Mr.Moo decides that *he* should be the one getting potty praise (and then promptly trains). Yep, he's going to be four in May and he is still in diapers (mommy hangs head in shame). We've tried all of the tricks in the book (and no tricks at all) and he just does not want to train nothankyou. If we declare a pants-free day, he can use the darn thing without fail. If we add underwear to the equation, we have a mess on our hands (literally).

So, we're going to bring one of the little potties back and forth from my parents' house and try to co-train them. I figure it can't hurt because so far nothing else has worked. How could this be worse? And if I'm lucky, I can just go through the transition accident period with both of them together and get it done already.

I hope I get to do the pee-pee dance a lot more often. Soon.

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