Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Talking with Mr. Moo

I have the best time conversing with my son. I mean, who knew that you could actually converse with a three-year old (I didn't before I was a mom) and enjoy it, too?

Thoughts On Election Day

Me: Mr. Moo, did you know that today is a very special day?
Moo: Is it my birthday?
Me: No, we get a new president today (spent another sentence or so explaining the president...)
Moo: What does he have for breakfast?
Me: (thinking that my child is so insightful to wonder what the president-elect was having for breakfast) I'm not sure, honey. Maybe we can ask him someday.
Moo: No, mommy--what are we having for breakfast?

Teaching Boudica to Talk

Boudica: Ease! Ease! (reaching for a cracker)
Moo: No, Boudica, it's PUH-lease. PUH-PUH-lease.
Boudica: Ease!! Ease!!!
Moo: No, No...PUH-lease. PUH-lease! (getting angry)
Boudica: (laughing and delighting in the moment) EASE!!! EASE!!! (more laughing)

On Destinations

Moo: Where are we going, mommy?
Me: Crazy, honey. We're going crazy. (It had been a long morning)
Moo: No, mommy. We're going to grandma's house, not going crazy.
Me: Ok, honey--sounds good to me.

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