Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad timing supreme

Not that there could ever be a good time for something like the crash of flight 1549 to occur, but did it have to occur only an hour before I bought plane tickets? And, of course, I have spent the last week debating whether to get Boudica her own ticket* because she would be better off in a car seat if anything goes wrong (yes, I do really do a "worst case" thing in my head when we travel).

I didn't hear the story until I was heading home (post purchase), but it's probably good that it happened that way or I might have put off buying the tickets even longer and missed the good price (go Southwest!). I am truly awestruck by the fact that everyone survived that crash. It is a testament to the pilot and crew and an honest to gawd miracle IMHO.

*In case you're wondering, I decided to take advantage of the lap child option because (a) it's probably the one and only time and (b) the two flight legs are only an hour each.

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