Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have been so lax about posting and so much has been happening that I feel like I could never quite catch up. So, to bring everyone up to speed, I figured I’d do another one of those bit and pieces posts.

  • Gabriel will be moving up to the preschool room at his daycare at the end of the month. Preschool! It completely boggles my mind (but he is also completely ready for it...I have been worried that his verbal skills are suffering as he becomes the oldest kid in his room).

  • SC, speaking of verbal skills, has been talking for the past two months. Yes, that means that she said her first words at eight months. We now have dada, mama, dog, Gabriel (as gay-bwel), and va (which is her word for nursing...not sure why, but it’s definitely a consistent, meaningful word for her). She also signs “more” or will bang on the table like a barbarian when food is not being presented quickly enough. And she parrots lots of things in conversation. Gabriel was saying, “Stop that!” the other day and when he stopped, I could hear her saying, “top daa, top daa.”

  • She is also crawling and cruising, pulling up on every surface in the house. Oh, and stairs are no biggie. She went from the back room to the kitchen (only two stairs, but still) without even blinking.

  • Mr. D’s new job seems to be going well, so far. He really likes the people and the place. The commuting is still a bit rough around the edges, but it’s coming into place. I drop off and pick up the kids and he gets home before us to start dinner and do household stuff (except laundry- he’s not allowed to touch the laundry).

  • We finally went car shopping this past weekend and, to our surprise, made a purchase. We got a Kia Rondo. It looks just like a really tiny minivan and was obviously created by Mary Poppins’ bag designers (small outside and huge inside). We opted for the five-passenger configuration because the third row seating would be completely useless for us (it’s only good for kids or adult amputees, and in the interest of saving gas, why tote around extra weight unnecessarily?). The gas mileage is not as high as we would have liked, but it was the best we could get for the space we needed and the price we were able to pay. But we are quite satisfied (I’ll give you a better report after we get the car on Wednesday).

Those are the highlights du jour. Toodles!


Anonymous said...

She sounds brilliant! Ours don't have anything to say just yet, but we're waiting on a few other things anyhow (like teeth). On the other hand, some of the physical stuff like cruising came early here too.

The preschool room will be great for Gabe -- why didn't/don't they move him sooner?

Jenn (dish) said...

We're waiting for teeth, too. But, boy, can that kid eat!

They generally don't move kids earlier because of space. Our daycare serves the entire university, and there are a limited number of rooms at each stage. For instance, there are only three infant rooms, each with eight full-time spots. That's not nearly enough space for all of the faculty, staff, and students to be able to use the facility (and is why full-time spaces have a three-year waiting list). Gabe is actually moving up sooner than he normally would because he is part time and a spot with his day combo opened up. We were expecting a September or October move.

But it is, without question, the best facility in the region.