Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Kid, the Sculptor

This is one of those posts that I can pull out when Gabe is going on his first date. Or to the prom. Or some other teen-angst inspiring event.

We are still working (slowly) on the potty training. So, on the weekends we tend to run a pants-free household. And 99% of the time, the pee goes in the potty. That other stuff? Well, someone (and I won't name names) tends to save that until nap time when the diaper is donned again. Small steps. Small steps.

This past weekend, the weather was lovely (unlike the previous weekend when psychotic storms ripped the freakin' roof off of the screen gazebo--yikes). So, pants-free Saturday began. As I sipped my coffee, Gabe found that the Candyland board made a perfect Sodor Island, with many multicolored tracks for Thomas and all of his friends. He was sooooo terribly excited. I was almost done imbibing the nectar of the gawds when I noticed that Gabe sounded a bit frantic--more whiny than normal (don't get me started on the whine levels lately...they peel paint). I looked over and noticed something along these lines on the Candyland board:
Except in three dimensions. Yeah, that was on the board and also on the hands of my lovely, sensitive son who tried to clean up a bit before sounding the alarm.

It really would have been a shitty morning except that it was so incredibly funny.

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