Friday, January 11, 2008

Week's Wrap-up

I have lots of random thoughts and nothing terribly blog-worthy this week, sorry. But, because I'm a sharing kind of person, I'll empty my brain for you.

*Monday I got a battery for my new toy, and I am completely smitten. It does me good like no other, and I love it even more because I wooted it. (BTW- its AFW content. What were you thinking I bought?)

*Monday night I slept in my own bed. All night. Wow.

*Tuesday night I slept in the rocker recliner. All night. Erg.

*Wednesday I played the "Bad Mom or Resourceful?" game as I stored the pumped breastmilk in an empty (and washed) Diet Pepsi bottle.

*Thursday morning SC rolled over for the first time. Cool.

*Thursday night I slept in my own bed for most of the night. Good.

*Friday morning I was told, "Mommy, I need a kiss" as I got out of the car for work. That starts any day off right.

*And throughout the week, if the princess is not hungry, I get to see this face:

*Life is good.


swarmy said...

Q T 3.14

midlife mommy said...

Oh, what a sweet little face to wake up to.

Jane said...

What a great smile! She is a sweetie!