Friday, June 08, 2007


Gabe: Butter! Butter! Butter! (frantically pointing to his toy shelves)
Me: Butter? What do you want, sweetie?
Gabe: Butter! Butter! Butter!
Me: You want butter?
Gabe: Yes.
Me: You want to eat butter?
Gabe: No. Watch butter!
Me: (cue lighbulb above head) Oh, Builder? Do you want to see Bob the Builder?
Gabe: (so excited he is probably peeing right then) Butter! Bob Butter- FIX IT!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too cute! My little man's latest thing is to say "I like it [item]." He can't figure to drop the 'it'. I love to hear it.

As for tickers, I like them to the extent that whenever I come by, I know exactly where you're at in the pregnancy without having to look back at old posts (not that I don't always have a rough idea where you're at, but precision is my thing).