Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting started

This weekend we will finally, finally be starting to excavate the room that is to become the nursery. If I think of it, I'll take a before picture so that you can really appreciate how much crap we have work we have ahead of us. And I will, of course, follow up with an after shot...eventually...when things are ready.

And I have finally found my anchor piece for the nursery, so I can choose the wall color, which will be a shade of purple. I'm thinking to go with an orchid versus a lavender because orchid is a much warmer shade. And I definitely won't go into the periwinkle family- too blue. (Can you tell that my dream job would involve working with color? Maybe I can be the person who gets to give creative names to all of the catalog colors. Willow! Amber! Passionate Plum!)

Anyway, I knew that we would be using my old childhood bedroom furniture, which has a bit of a floral motif. Therefore, I decided to go with a garden theme for the nursery. Not too girly, but a bit more feminine than neutral. So, I like the idea of throwing in a few bugs (maybe the kid won't grow up with a paralyzing fear of insects like I did), some flowers (but not too many), and a little bit of mommy's crazy. Also on the block for nursery prep is taking the hideous orange stripe off of the old furniture. The pieces are a cream color with two accent colors on the detail work- green and orange. Very 70's. Since the nursery will be purple and green (my favorite color combo) the green will stay and the orange will become cream to blend in with the background.

I smell a photo montage in the making...


Anonymous said...

Jenn, that's a gorgeous swatch! Your nursery is sure to be beautiful and serene (assuming that you manage to get rid of the orange stripe, of course -- I can totally picture the very 70s look of the furniture!). Please do post photos!

swarmy said...

Um...purple & green is an unnatural combo. Packers and Vikes. Mortal enemies. It ain't right. I mean, I'm on your side in this, but there are certain immutable laws in nature, you know?


Jenn (dish) said...

Actually, Tinker, it's a cross stitch design (well, the middle is stitched and the rest is a decorative mat). But if I was able to find matching fabric, my worries about the drapes would be history.

So you are perhaps suggesting black and old gold, swarmy?