Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Doing the Math

My toe is healing up nicely- thanks for the toe-healing and good-birthday wishes. It's a shame they had to be rolled into one post happens that way sometimes. I am still wearing flip-flops, but the swelling has gone down to where I can get a normal shoe on my foot. I just can't move because it will hurt too much. So, the flippy-floos (as I call them) reign on. I did decide to upgrade a bit from the ugly rubber ones, though. I got a pair of these:

They are not too bad on comfort (I only have one spot that rubbed raw and every new shoe rubs my foot raw, so it's typical). And they are definitely cute.

I went shopping at Big Name Baby Store on Saturday to look at a set of nursery prints in their ad. Thankfully I did, because they were quite awful in real life. What I did find, though, was that the lamp I admired online but ignored because it was white, is actually cream and will match the nursery. And it was on clearance. Score. I also picked up the cutest pair of faux-R*beez that are white with a pink and fuscia hibiscus flower (Mr. D's fave). As I was checking out, being the negative Nelly that I am, I asked about the return policy (you know, in case the other shoe drops). I was told that I have 90 days with a receipt. Initially, I hesitated, thinking that it wouldn't give me enough time. But once I calculated that I have about 13 weeks left (going with a 38-week end date) I realized that 13 weeks = 91 days. Ninety-one freakin' days people. Holy crap. I'm well within return policy timelines. Scary.

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