Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chaotic Musings

I may be out of the loop for a few days as many houseguests are descending upon our home. My MIL and FIL arrived on Tuesday and today we add BIL, nephew, and GFoBIL (girlfriend of BIL). All five are staying with us until next Thursday. The only saving grace is that I have three toilets in the house. Yes, one is under the stairs in the basement, but I have to pee a lot, and, well, any pot in a storm, right?

It should be a fun, exhausting, and thoroughly chaotic visit. May even generate interesting blog fodder (I already have the fact that Gabe has been given girls clothing by THREE different people this, do you need to actually SEE the penis, people?)

If I survive, I'll give you the gory details next week.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's peculiar. How are they mistaking Gabriel for Gabrielle?

Have fun with the full house! It can be lots of work but it's always fun to have so much life around too.

And 'any pot' is too funny.