Thursday, May 10, 2007

Belly Shot

Bethany reminded me that I had promised a belly shot in my last post and then failed to follow through. Truthfully, I kept forgetting to bring in the shot from home, so I went over to a coworker's office and had her snap one a short while ago. I also decided that I hated my pants today, so I cropped it a bit. But you still get the belly (21w3d). I keep thinking that I am just HUGE, and then I see a photo and decide that I don't look pregnant at all.

It has been a rough couple of days. Sleep has become an elusive luxury, and Gabe has entered the terrible twos full-swing. Last night I spent two and a half hours wrestling with him (almost literally) to go to bed. In the process I received a head butt to the bridge of my nose and several body slams. Not fun. He is normally a really, really laid back kid, very gentle- so this new personality twist is quite unusual. I have decided that tonight will be step one of a new bedtime routine because it has become obvious that the old one is no longer working. I'll keep you posted.


wavybrains said...

This is WAY better look for you than all the sequins (not that you weren't faboo!). And yes, you look pregnant. I still have days where I have to squint too (22 weeks today), but my DH and brother assure me that any fears that my belly is not growing are all in my head. You look adorable and I love the black and pink and white--great colors on you!!! I hope you get some sleep soon!

Anonymous said...

I like this photo much better than the last one! You look a lot younger (and less scary too, to be completely honest).

I look forward to reading about the taming of the sleep monster, as my little man has started giving me the same kind of trouble.