Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old + Employed + Pregnant = Naked

I should really add another factor into that equation. Money. Meaning that I am not willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a temporary wardrobe.

I am currently at 15w2d and I am busting out of even my large clothes. I have only gained 6-8 pounds so far, but it's all up front in the belly. Luckily when I lost all of that weight last year, I did not get rid of every large item. Only the really large items. But even those clothes are becoming tight.

When I was pregnant with Gabe, I found a great selection of clothes at Old N*vy and T*rget. I need things that are reasonably priced but that I can still wear to work in an executive office environment. We aren't required to wear suits, but dress slacks or skirts are a minimum. I pushed the envelope a little last time because there are only so many places that carry clothes in a maternity 2XL. Now that I can wear a smaller size (read: shop in the "normal" maternity stores) I can't find anything to fit my needs at the usual haunts. Old N*vy now carries "hoochie mamma" clothes. Not for the old or employed. T*rget's clothes are so cheaply made that I felt like I needed a shower after touching them. And 99% were constructed of jersey fabric, which clings and isn't quite dressy enough. And I even bit the bullet and went to Evil-Mart. I found a blouse. One blouse. Bah.

Perhaps you are wondering what happened to my clothes from last time. Two things. First, I was pregnant during a different season, so most items are for winter. Second, I lost 55 pounds between then and now, so the pants are enormous (I know, terrible problem to have...). What I really need are a couple pairs of pants, a skirt, and a few summer tops. I'm not asking for the world.

Are black pants really that much to ask?

Given that my ability to breathe in the now-too-tight clothes is limited, I will be making the trek to M*therhood Maternity this weekend, I guess. I hate the mainstream stuff, but if they have black pants that fit me...well, I guess they'll get some of my money. I'm going to try and swing by the consignment store first, though, and maybe make a quick stop at G**dwill.


abogada said...

You might want to take a look at e-bay. Between e-bay and the consignment store, I had an awesome maternity wardrobe. Everything else seemd so expensive by comparison.

dish said...

Thanks! I'll give it a look. I had browsed there last time and found very little, but it obviously changes on a daily basis.